Anna and Jose's Anniversary New Mexico Road Trip

This was a spontaneous couples session with Anna and Jose while they were visiting New Mexico. I know them from high school but we were more acquaintances back then. She had seen all the pictures I shared from the magical Southwest after moving out here in August and reached out to me. They are from FL and were celebrating their 9 year anniversary by taking a road trip out to NM. 

For this session, we went to Tent Rocks, where we were going to take pictures, but we were a little late so we had to rush through. We went to these red rocks afterward for some quick pictures before the sunset. 

They are such an amazing couple and were just awe-struck by the magic beauty of this Southwest state! They plan to take a 3-month road trip next year for their 10-year anniversary and come back to New Mexico for some of that time.

~Crystal Cousin ~

Tent Rocks / Red Rocks off of I-25
Photography: Crystal Cousin Photography
Instagram: @crystalcousinphoto

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